I've been toying around with a few Okudzhava songs now, and I like this one.

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The Prayer of Francois Villon

While the Earth keeps spinning, while the light shines on,
Lord, I pray, give to everyone that of which they have none:
Give you a mind to the wise ones, a horse to the cowardly,
Give money to the lucky... And don't forget about me.

While the Earth keeps spinning, Lord, thine is the power and will,
Give one who longs for power, power unto his fill,
Give rest at least till sunset to those who give generously,
To Cain himself give repentance... And don't forget about me.

I know you can do anything, I believe truly, you are wise,
As a soldier slain on the field believes that he lives in Paradise,
As every ear believes you that the words you whisper are true,
As we all keep on believing, knowing not what we do.

My Lord and God Almighty, my beloved green-eyed God,
While the Earth keeps spinning, and she herself finds it odd,
While she still has enough of time and of fire to see,
Give out a little to everyone... And don't forget about me.
- Bulat Okudzhava
This is apparently Okudzhava's most-covered song.
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