- Moved to the United States
- Attended ESSLLI
- Visited Slovenia, or any part of Yugoslavia
- Hit a high C - repeatedly
- Attended CLS and WSCLA
- Eaten ruggeleh - seriously, this staple of Chicago coffee shops has never appeared in any other Canadian or American coffee shop
- Staffed the ICT
- Sung in Xhosa, Georgian, Sotho, and Bulgarian Church Slavonic
- Sung Poulenc, Satie, Schubert, Rachmaninoff (both choral and solo), and Shostakovich
- Won money in a trivia game
- Owned a weighted-key keyboard
- Played Settlers of Catan and Munchkin (hard as the Reach for the Top team I coached tried to teach me, way back when)
- Hosted for several days at my own place a person not genetically related to me
- Used Skype (astonishing, isn't it)
- Visited an observatory and identified Cassiopeia and Aquila in the night sky
- Seen the International Space Station in the night sky
- Had a speaking part in a play that charged money for admission
- Drunk scotch (didn't like it, though, although the people offering it to me are wonderful)
- Got a professional haircut, surprising as this may sound
- Read John le Carre. Among many others.
- Watched Citizen Kane and Babylon 5
- Owned a Macbook, and associated software
- Put up video of myself on the Internet
- Recorded music I myself composed both lyrics and melody to
- Visited the Art Institute of Chicago
- As far as I know, the first time I made people cry with my music
- Got convinced of the validity of null linguistic items
- Attended a chamber opera
- Attended an American Thanksgiving dinner

There are surely many others.

From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_luaineach/

What?!? Who knew ruggeleh was such a rarity!! We always got it on trips to the bakery when I was growing up (in Cleveland; which is very similar to chicago in many ways). Yummmm to ruggeleh!

From: [identity profile] thetimesink.livejournal.com

Had to look that one up...

...and was hard pressed even to find a photo! I don't believe I've seen that 'out west'.

Time to go browsing the bakeries again.

From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_luaineach/

Re: Had to look that one up...

I don't think I've been in a real bakery bakery the entire time I've been living "west" (5 years in L.A. and now going on 16 in Arizona) but I *do* know they at least sell ruggeleh in the bakery department of Safeway grocery stores here in Tucson. You should find some if you can - it is so good!**

**disclaimer to add that I don't like sweet things very much nor am i particularly fond of baked goods, for that reason, so I like ruggeleh because it is *generally* less sweet than most baked goods. Very yum.

From: [identity profile] thetimesink.livejournal.com

Re: Had to look that one up...

Thank you! Von's is the local 'Safeway' link here in CentralCaliLand; I'll give it a shot.


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