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Birthdate:Apr 23
I don't know who spreads rumours out in vain
That no one on earth is luckier than me,
That I've never felt a care or a pain,
All things I do go happily.
Like everyone, like everyone,
I walk this earth from day to day,
And to my fate, like everyone,
For happiness I pray.

Do not think that I live in paradise
And that all the world's evils pass me by.
In the evenings I too long to shut my eyes.
I sometimes laugh, and sometimes cry.
Like everyone, like everyone,
I walk this earth from day to day,
And to my fate, like everyone,
For happiness I pray.

Sometimes life just beats and lashes me
And I know of but one remedy for now:
Even when things are as bad as bad can be
I say that things are good, anyhow.
Like everyone, like everyone,
I walk this earth from day to day,
And to my fate, like everyone,
For happiness I pray.

--- A. Pugacheva

I hate when of fatal outcomes I hear,
I never tire of life, despite its wrongs.
I hate any season of the year
Whenever I cannot sing cheerful songs.

Hype excitement I distrust without heeding
But open cynicism I hate as well,
I hate a stranger over my shoulder reading
To find out what my private letters tell.

I hate stopping a conversation's track
Or anything done only halfway through.
I hate when people are shot in the back
And shots point-blank, I despise them too.

I hate gossip as viewpoint affirmed,
When honours prick, when worming doubt I feel,
Or when you always stroke against the fur
Or the sound of glass when scraped by steel.

I hate complacency content and sated ---
I'd rather see brakes well and truly fail.
That the word "honour" is forgot, I hate it,
And that "honour" is hiding lies and veils.

I feel no pity seeing broken wings
And it's not strange I don't find it inside:
I hate abuse, and I hate helpless things
But it's too bad that Christ was crucified.

I hate myself, when cowardly I crawl;
Innocents being beaten, I abhor,
I hate it, when they push into my soul,
And spitting in it, I hate even more.

I hate manèges and arenas; there
They trade rubles for millions, hand in glove.
Let changes come ahead; I do not care ---
These things I will never, ever love!

--- V. Vysotsky

I wish you joy. Sincerely.

So you've added me as a friend:

Please post a comment on the most recent entry you can see, letting me know who you are, where I may know you from or how you came across my journal, why you would like me on your friendslist, and whether you expect yourself to be on mine. I will not promise that I will befriend you if this is done, but that is likely if you look interesting; if I just notice that someone adds me as a friend and I do not know where they are coming from, me reciprocating is extremely unlikely. I lock a great many entries, for two reasons: (1) in them I describe people and for one reason or another, I do not wish these descriptions on the six o'clock news (2) in them I describe things going on in my mind that, for one reason or another, I do not wish on the six o'clock news either.

Для русскоязычных пользователей ЖЖ


Пoжалуйста, оставьте комментарий на ближайшей записи в моем дневнике о том, кто вы такие, откуда вы меня знаете, и как вы нашли мой дневник. У меня есть хобби --- переводить русские стихи и песни; если это вас заинтересовало, пожалуйста спросите, и я вам с радостью помогу найти мою работу. Подавляющее большинство моего дневника написано на английском языке, так как во-первых, большинство моих друзей англоязычные, а во-вторых, я печатаю на русском очень медленно. Но если вас заинтересовал мой дневник, добро пожаловать, в комментариях начнем разговор по-английски или по-русски. Только одна просьба: пожалуйста, не надо сразу переходить на "ты," пока я вас не знаю да и вы меня не знаете. Формальный лексикон играет важную pоль в общении, и я чувствую, что собеседник на меня давит, если он сразу предполагает близость, которой нет причины существовать.
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