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( Jul. 3rd, 2006 09:47 am)
И сказали жыжысты, что это зачот.

Hello LiveJournal. Now I need to figure out how to use you.
A. I owe the people who may read this blog and wonder what she is ranting about with regards to shwa and poles and essential singularities an apology. I will hereby refer people to my two favourite references in which you can find almost all the terms I use:

(a) for linguistics terms; I cannot claim familiarity with their mathematical articles, but the few I have read are okay.

(b) for the math terms. However, this site does have flaws, sometimes explaining far too little (particularly with regards to essential singularities). Try the Wikipedia as well.

B. I would do my best to avoid discussing my politics, my religion, or my love/sex life on this blog. For the record:

(a) If I have given you a name, consider I love you, and let that make you feel warm and fuzzy when you are far away from me, and induce you to buy me tea when you are near me.

(b) I do not vote, or vote to induce an element of randomness into democracy.

(c) I refer to God or gods on occasion; the reader should understand this as referring to his or her deity with all respect. However, I will not support any philosophy or ritual above another, beyond a preference for those that endorse or tolerate (i) equal rights for women and all ethnic, non-warlike religious, and non-hurtful sexual-preference groups, (ii) aikido (iii) material goods and personal adornment viz. jewelry (iv) caffeine and sugar (v) dance and music for both sexes (vi) humane treatment of animals

I hope you understand.
I am finally going through with my friend Irene*'s recommendations that I start a blog describing various jewelry items I have fallen in love with around Ottawa. I do not think that jewelry alone is enough to carry a blog on, but I will see what happens.
(* I will intentionally change all personal names of friends that appear in this blog. If anyone reads this blog, recognises him/herself and does not like the name I have given them, please do not start complaining; it is not your own name. My privacy is my business, but other people's is theirs, and I hold that sacred. I am going to reveal right now that I live in Ottawa, Canada and I am pursuing a mathematics and a linguistics degree at the University of Ottawa.)
The title of this blog reveals three of the main interests of my life: math, especially algebra; linguistics, especially historical; and an unfortunately good taste in jewelry. Those are not the only interests of my life, and not even the only main interests, but they are hopefully disparate enough that I am not immediately boxed into one type by random strangers. The place I write from is "thepointatinfinity" because "essentialsingularity" is apparently taken; I will have to check and see who is there, as essential singularities are the most frightening yet fascinating concept I have learned in Complex Analysis this year.
Recently, studying for Complex Analysis has completely dominated my life. Because I do not understand it as thoroughly as I should, I think of it day and night, and try to solve as many problems as I can. That is not easy when because of your frugality you do not buy the textbook, and therefore all practice problems come from a site run by the Technical University of Denmark - yes, Denmark is the nearest spot on the Internet for complex analysis problems. And one-third of the problems I have taken from past exams of Denmark I cannot solve at all, and another third I can only give hand-waving proofs for, and I am annoyed at my own lack of rigour.
I made a promise to my Historical Linguistics professor on Thursday, as a joke. We were discussing a comment made last year by my Psycholinguistics professor, that "syntax is more sexy than morphology. Most of the peoplle hired by this university are studying syntax. They may call themselves phonologists, but they're actually syntacticians in disguise."
The prof remarked that they have been trying to fill out the roster in the department by hiring more different linguists, but some are hard to find. For the last three or four years they had been trying to hire someone in computational linguistics, but someone has not come up.
Me: "Wait until I get my degree, and then you can hire me."
"We will have to wait a few years," someone remarked.
I made a quick calculation. "Only seven." Given that master's usually takes about one year, and PhD four years. Of course, I have no idea whether I will do those degrees while still in Ottawa. On Monday I am due to pay a visit to a coding-theory specialist at Carleton University (some people go to visit dermatology specialists, and some dental specialists, and I go to coding theory specialists, I suppose) and I may glean what research is currently happening within any reasonable radius of me that may bridge the two disciplines I so quasi-masochistically love.
No jewelry visits yesterday or today, and indeed I require enough money as it is to not splurge on jewelry. Christmas is ikumen in as welle, lhude sing cuccu and social obligations of various kinds, most involving money. And then there is Chicago...
Which I may tell about next post.


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