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( Apr. 9th, 2014 08:44 pm)
I sent off my check for Clarion 2014 today. Since I am very grateful for the stroke of luck that made me personally not have to worry about the choice between Clarion and rent/food, I'd like to point my current friends towards my potential friends who do need some financial help getting to Clarion:

Ellie Rhymer - she has her submission story online.

Nicole - she is from Chicago.

Haralambi - he is from Bulgaria and so needs more support than most in order to fly across the Atlantic.

If you cannot contribute, I would appreciate you sharing these links in case other people in your circles can. The reason I can afford this is that back in 2008, someone believed in me. I'd like to pass it on and believe in other people too.
A friend and I were discussing writing in the first person POV, and it motivated me to try this experiment:[Poll #1838997]

If you are conscious of what cues you used to make your decision, I appreciate knowing, but if you just went by your gut, that is fine too.

Oh, and I'll appreciate it if some of you ask your friends to do this poll as well. The more the merrier, because I am really curious how people perceive narrative voice, and whether that varies with how they read books in general. Please don't give your reasoning for your precise answers in the comments at this time, just general statements and impressions. I will reveal the answers, and the source novels, in three or four days, or when I get twenty or more responses, whichever comes later, so if you want to know the answers, come try the questions!


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